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0.06 ETH per NFT

Starpunks are custom designed artworks inspired by ultimate football heroes and their professional life. An automated algorithm was developed to create unique pieces out of these artworks.  The focus of Starpunks project is to bring football legends to world of NFT collectibles.

This collection consists of 6038 unique art pieces. In the Starpunks collection, heroes have a variety of outfits, from their current and previous clubs as well as their national teams. In addition,  accessories were designed to mimic heroes fashion life. 

25% Community Establishment

- Submission for listing in an NFT ranking Platform
- Scaling up social media and influencer engagement
- Community Wallet funding: 1 ETH

- Giveaways:
• One Starpunks NFT
• A $2000 for one winner among the first 250 minters

50% Legends on Our Team

- Gifting an NFT to each of the Starpunks superstars
- Sending representatives to the football clubs for further collaboration
- Community Wallet funding: 2 ETH
- Running a community art contest to generate more artwork, content, storyline, etc. using 1 ETH from the funding in the community wallet

- Giveaways:
• Two Starpunks NFT

75% Starting NFT Exchange Project

- Commencing the work on our NFT exchange and Game of Cards projects
- Community Wallet funding: 3 ETH
- Supporting several NFT artists whose collections will be considered for the museum project using 2 ETH from the funding in the community wallet

- Giveaways:
• Three Starpunks NFT
• One ETH

100% Further Development

- Further development of ongoing projects
- Community Wallet funding: 4 ETH
- Supporting more NFT artists whose collections will be considered for the museum project using 2 ETH from the funding in the community wallet
- Planning a support program with the community using the remaining 5 ETH in community wallet

- Giveaways:
• Four Starpunks NFT
• One Tesla Model 3, LONG RANGE, ($50000 value, paid in equivalent USDT)
• 2 x ETH

NFTsClub has three main projects to develop:

Museum of the Future
This project is envisioned to provide a foundation for NFT artists, thinkers, designers, and creators to discuss and showcase their work. The platform will benefit from diverse galleries created by talented designers and will host temporary and permanent exhibitions.

NFT Exchange
NFTsClub exchange project will provide a platform for NFT holders to swap NFTs with other holders within the same collection or different collections. Auctions, offers, counteroffers and some other features will be implemented in this project.

Team-Invest platform
This platform will provide a unique opportunity for people all around the world to invest in valuable and desirable items, collectively. Precious NFTs are too expensive to be afforded by most individuals. We imagine that like-minded individuals can benefit from our platform to come together and form a team. This project will provide retail investors with opportunities that currently are only available to elites or institutional investors.

In all of the above projects, owners of NFTsClub collectibles will have special privileges and will benefit from exclusive discounts.


Our design team did a comprehensive research on each star featured in this collection. All of the traits were designed based on the stars professional life. Each time you try, a completely random piece will be minted.

Team Starpunks

Artist and Author

Business Developer

Dev. & Tech. Manager

Graphic Designer